Servicing Technology

Maximize profitability while providing excellent customer service

We excel in back-end customer account servicing so you can maintain an excellent reputation with current and future customers.

Customer account servicing may be a back-end capability, but it’s also a critical component of your customer service experience. In fact, research shows a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and loan origination and repeat rates.

We help boost your profitability as a lending operation by providing technology to improve consumer application conversions and repeat loan rates. We also help you reduce costs and maximize your number of loans per hour with the help of our proprietary call queue technology.

Custom White Glove Verification Procedures 

Choose between full back-end customer account servicing software or just the services you need the most. We provide the software capabilities to increase your profitability and efficiency, ensure an excellent customer service experience and enhance your reputation as a lender.

Employment Verification

Improve your payback rates with the most cutting-edge and effective employment verification tools available.

Application Intake and Assessment

We help you access additional pools of customers by receiving and processing phone applications on your behalf.

Complaint Handling

In the high-volume business of consumer finance, some complaints are to be expected. Our software tracks and manages customer complaints to improve your reputation.

Payment Processing

We offer integrations with payment processors so you can fund customer accounts upon loan origination and collect funds that are due, both on-time and in arrears. This enables reliable and timely bank card, ACH, and other various payment transactions.

Customer Contact Management 

The ability to contact a customer at the right time and in the right way is critical for revenue maximization and customer satisfaction. Our platform for text, email, and phone messaging achieves optimal results.

Documents Management

While we do provide a fully electronic solution, you’ll still need to manage texts, emails, and faxes in an efficient way. We can provide this service and, in some circumstances, even increase your revenues through exceptional documents management.

Arrears Management 

Track and collect overdue payments by configuring the most efficient and profitable collection queues for your business. Integrate with third party collection firms to extend your collection capabilities. Return your customers to good-paying status and create payments plans to keep your relationships active.