Information Technology

State-of-the-art technology solutions for greater business capabilities

We develop cutting-edge technology that empowers your lending operation to act on business decisions faster and with better outcomes.

Traditional pointed software requires a long lead time to respond to a business’s need or implement new strategies. In the rapidly evolving world of fintech, you can’t afford to wait for information technology to catch up to your business plan. That’s why we continually develop new IT that expands and supports your business capabilities. With our flexible software, you can act immediately on important business decisions to ensure you meet and exceed your bottom-line goals.

Our IT is also highly scalable. We offer high-performance technologies that can grow and change to meet the needs of your organization and your customer base, while also considering and even driving the evolution of our industry as a whole. This empowers your operation to grow in size and complexity while keeping technology costs flat.

Plus, our technologies are architected to easily interface with legacy and third party, off-the-shelf systems, so you can bring new capabilities to market in record time.

Lead Management: Create, manage, and monitor your custom marketing campaigns across all platforms from a simple, yet powerful and customizable, control center. Configure real-time, dynamic bidding protocols to attract high-converting, low-risk customers..

Underwriting and Risk Assessment: Upload native mathematical models and develop rule sets on the fly with interfaces to the major bureaus, social, and public media, then assess leads within seconds. Run parallel underwriting models that go far beyond simple champion/challenger.

CRM: Evaluate, prioritize, and route customers from the moment a lead is introduced through remarketing, customer service, and beyond—all based on criteria you select. Manage your portfolio of brands across multiple call centers, and monitor call center and business performance in real time. Each of these capabilities serves to streamline your processes, so you can maximize efficiencies and provide an exceptional customer experience.

For your convenience, we interface with major VOIP and traditional phone systems and dialers. We also interface with your proprietary email and text channels, as well as integrate with major industry third party providers of these services.

Back Office: Credit and debit processing has evolved from the traditional ACH debit card into a complex array of sophisticated, unique solutions. You’ll have the ability to autonomously control the routing of these transactions based on rules you determine and change at will, and we make it easy to integrate our back-office solution with your internal financial systems.

Reporting and BI: Our systems capture the transaction data, from the moment a lead is presented, throughout the remarketing process. Our analytical group can help you maximize these reporting and data mining capabilities to gain competitive insights on your company’s performance, maximize profitability, and improve customer retention rates.

Integration with New Vendors: Suppliers and Partners: We develop IT solutions that align with your business and corporate strategy.

IT Strategy and Roadmap: Close IT gaps with a custom technology and strategy roadmap to support your business growth and goals. We redesign IT organizations to reduce CIO span and improve performance of lagging IT capabilities for your lending operation or regional banks.

Integrated Solutions via a Shared Platform: We analyze your various IT, architecture, and migration options, then identify a strategy to integrate solutions with one common platform for your company.

Successful Mergers: We correct a common cause of failed M&As by ensuring proper platform and organization integration. We ensure your IT enables business synergies by determining the best technology infrastructure to serve as your ongoing platform.