Advanced Analytics

Stay innovative in an evolving industry

We use the latest techniques in data analytics to help your company maximize opportunities in the consumer finance market.

We go beyond merely tracking data to analyzing and applying findings to every facet of your lending operation—from lead acquisition and underwriting to collections and profitability forecasting. We start with an assessment, then work to develop an analytical plan to develop your strategic solutions.

Our advanced modeling technique helps you attract and select quality customers at the lowest possible cost to maximize profitability. Our reporting methodologies give you an actionable view of performance data to serve your customers and your bottom line.

We are entrepreneurial and collaborative, combining a deep knowledge of data with a limitless curiosity for new analytical techniques to ensure your company is innovative and at the top of the consumer finance industry.

We dive deep with ELM, DL, OLS Regression, Logistic Regression, MNL Regression, Survival Analysis, Bayesian Analysis, Boosting, Random Forest, SVM (Linear, Polynomial, and Radial), and anything else we can find or invent to drive success for your consumer lending business.

Choose between full analytical support or select the services you need the most. All analytical capabilities exist to help you exceed both industry regulations and your company’s goals.

Risk Assessment and Underwriting 

We utilize customer, credit, third party, and marketplace data points to help you assess and minimize the risk of lending to a customer. Our process is flexible and allows us to adjust to optimize short term profit, long term gains, or other goals you may have.

Lead Acquisition Pricing and Conversion 

We continually assess acquisition data to balance the cost of acquisition with customer quality and volume goals to maximize your profits

Application Handling 

We analyze application handling data to ensure the best possible results in customer satisfaction, customer retention, and profit margin.


We use data mining to predict optimal timing and methodology for billing your customer accounts. Once customers enter into arrears status, we explore your data that you can utilize to refine your methodologies that will yield your highest possible ROI.

Revenue Maximization and Cost Optimization 

We turn raw data into applicable insights to help you achieve bottom line results. In addition to intense data mining, we can create micro customer segments to identify opportunities not readily available when analyzing book of business data sets.

Market Intelligence 

We provide the latest relevant data on opportunities and developments in your market, so your company can be confident in its decisions and strategies.

Financial Product Development 

We anticipate industry trends and develop financial products to serve your customers’ needs and position you for success.

Profitability Forecasting 

We run custom forecasting models to ensure your company stays on track to meet and exceed your financial goals.

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